What is Bedletter?

There’s a song by Pearl Jam called Yellow Ledbetter. It’s lyrics are almost unintelligible, and if you do some Googling of what Eddie Vedder is voicing throughout the song, you’ll get several different renditions. Some claim that he changes the lyrics frequently when performing. This is all to say that the song isn’t static. It’s doesn’t have one meaning, doesn’t follow one single vein. It’s a tonal masterpiece, setting the stage for different takeaways on each subsequent listen. It’s a song that’s more focused on the human experience than it is on definitive messaging.

Bedletter is an attempt to follow that example. To discover the range of the human circumstance. Most importantly, Bedletter is focused on exploring the human mind through the lens of culture, story, emotion, and common sense. It’s not always pretty, it’s not always right—but it will always be authentic.

I’m just some guy that has a lot of questions about the world, paired with a nagging tick to find the answers. More often than not, I end up uncovering even better questions, rather than answering my original ones. And that’s the meat in the sauce—it’s much more about the journey, much less about the finish line.

Bedletter is that note you pass between your friends, up the row of kids, to your crush sitting in the second row. It’s a love letter to life, to the shit, the joy, and everything in between.

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Because you woke up this morning and wanted to make something happen, but hit snooze a few too many times. Then you leaned over, snatched up your phone, and started scrolling through shitty Facebook memes. Now you’ve blown through three-and-a-half hours of your Saturday morning, and the only thing you have to show for it is a raw thumb and a broken attitude.

Why should you subscribe? Because if you’re gonna scroll, gonna read, gonna regurgitate something from the internet… it might as well be something that’s original. Maybe something that stokes a couple thoughts of your own amid those half-purposed social posts. Maybe something that pulls a little laugh out of you.

Why subscribe? Because you want something different, and I’m here to give it to you—heaping spoonful’s of it. So open wide you beautiful bastard, hope you have some sugar to help this medicine go down.


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If you thought the world was supposed to make sense, you were wrong.


Christian Ashliman
Writer, thinker, and observer of the human circumstance. Bachelors degree in Psychology. Obsessed with satirical metaphors.