Dreaming of Work

I’ve been having these weird dreams lately. Well, maybe not all too frequently, but here and there. Enough for me to notice. And noticing them I am, especially when I’m in the middle of them in the dark stumbling around my room like I’ve got places to be. That’s what really sucks about them, these dreams. It’s always a shot of adrenaline and my heads shoots off the pillow like a bouncy ball springing up and up and I’m on my feet now. Looking for my phone, looking for the light switch. I’ve got places to be. My head’s a twelve-pound bowling ball and I’m carrying it and rubbing the holes that are really just eyes, tired and drawn out eyes. Rubbing them and looking for my pants and the light switch. Looking for my shirt and belt and car keys and the light switch because I’ve got places to be dammit!

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